Random Ramblings Update #10 – The Life Down Under

At some point in one of my previous updates, I said I’d post pictures of one of my ‘recent’ trips, so here they are! My friends and I went to a beach a couple hours away for a weekend getaway before our study break started. It was super refreshing and helped motivate us to study hard for the next week. And now those exams are over and done with and the results are out and life is pretty good! Hard to believe that in less than 2 months I will be done with my first semester of med school and be back in Canada for a couple weeks!  Continue reading →

Product Review: Rimmel London Magnif’Eyes Double Ended Shadow and Liner

Rimmel London Magnif'eyes.jpeg

A little while ago I was sent some samples from Rimmel London’s new product release. These are dual ended eye products, one side has an eyeliner, and the other side has an eyeshadow. The dual ended ‘pen’ (that’s what they call it) features a stay true eyeshadow on one end, and a 24 hour kohl kajal liner on the other. The eyeliner can be used on either the lashline or the waterline to accentuate the eyes. The claims are that it is creaseproof, transferproof, AND waterproof, with a quick drying formula. Continue reading →

Random Ramblings: Update #9 – I’m actually not dead

The previous update –> here. 

I’m still getting the hang of things here guys, bear with me please! I have actual beauty posts to put up with real content…just a tad bit of starting trouble, but we are getting there…slowly. In reality, my school schedule is a bit annoying, I just ended up with a schedule that seemingly has no proper breaks in between my classes, and any breaks I DO have, is for traveling to and from places I’m supposed to be at. It can be rough sometimes, considering most of my classes start at 8 am, and sometimes I’m not done with my scheduled things until 2-4 pm, after starting at 8.

So it’s ‘autumn’ (they don’t call it fall here) in Australia, as of 2 weeks ago… Continue reading →

Hair Products for Humidity

As amazing as Australia is, it is summer here, and INCREDIBLY humid. My hair used to even frizz indoors if the A/C wasn’t on, so yes, insanely humid. One thing I was starting to miss was my mostly frizz-free straight hair, which I could easily achieve in Canada. It has been a trial and error process to figure out what the right products are for my hair here in Australia (considering that I rarely used anything on my hair outside of shampoo and conditioner back in Canada), but I’ve finally found a good combination of products that are seemingly working well with my hair!

I have very thick, long hair, so because of that, I prefer to use serums in my hair as opposed to spray products – there’s something about the concept of sprays that I just don’t like, I think it’s the ‘wet’ feeling.

Anyway, moving onto the actual purpose of this post! Continue reading →

Random Ramblings: Update #8 -Mostly Settled In

My previous update -> here.
I hardly exist anymore. My exploring the city phase is slowing phasing out now that I start school tomorrow (Monday here). It’s hard to believe that I have been here for 3 weeks, sometimes it feels like I’ve lived here forever, other times everything just seems super new to me! Tomorrow is when orientation week starts which is exciting and scary because tomorrow basically marks the first day of the rest of my life (career-wise). I haven’t really met any Australian classmates yet since all the Canadians have been hanging out together and getting to know each other, but once classes start, I will be meeting more Australians and American students! Everything here is super surreal to me right now, I am in a completely different hemisphere, starting medical school, with a bunch of random people that are an absolutely awesome bunch of people!

The humidity here has been unreal lately, the humidex has been around the high 30s, so pretty much it feels like a sauna when walking outside. We’ve been under a constant ‘threat’ of a ‘severe’ thunderstorm..but it’s just not happening yet, although there has been some thunder and lightning over the past week(more than I’ve seen in Canada), but nothing that equates to a severe storm. I have bought some ‘anti-humidity’  hair products that I plan on reviewing once I get around to using them because I am tired of walking around looking like a poodle.

Due to my move out here, I was only able to bring VERY limited nail polishes (sadface), but my roommate brought a good number of nail polishes over, so combined, we have a decent collection and I’ll potentially mooch off of her to do some NOTD posts on my blog 😛 With school starting, it’ll help me to get back to my blogging schedule (back to twice a week) since I will have less time to make spontaneous daytrips out and about with friends….time to manage my time properly!

Random Ramblings: Update #7 – Hello From The Other Side

Previous Update (#6)

I’ve been pretty absent/putting in zero effort into my blog the past week and a bit and that’s because I’ve been making my move to the land down under! I’ve been here for about a week and I am enjoying it a lot! I have met quite a few people that are in my program at school so it’s been good. Moving to a new country and settling in is quite the task, Continue reading →

Throwback Thursday – Trashing the Makeup Stash

This post has been a long time coming. As I’ve been preparing to move to the land down under, I’ve had to get rid of a lot of things that have been piling up for the last while. A little while back I had discovered a trash of very old makeup, and by very old I mean from 7-12 years ago! I had gotten rid of the majority of my old beauty items, but for some reason, some never made it into the trash.
I won’t really be talking explicitly about each and every item shown here, seeing as how quite a few of them are discontinued, plus, I don’t really recall the quality of most of these, so that would just be too redundant. My main beauty items were mainly lip products and eye liners, elementary school me loved my Bonnebell lip products! I used to be (kinda still am) one of those people that would like a product so much that I was scared to use it up, so most of these still have a ton of product left!


That H&M lip balm in the tin is probably the MOST recent item, and I recall hating it because it was so thick and white that it left a white coating on my lips, and it was super sticky – the only reason I bought it was because it smelled super good. The gold tube seen above is a L’Oreal Lineur Intense felt tip liquid eyeliner in the colour Mica, which is a dark black with some multi coloured reflexes. Continue reading →

Pantone Colour of the Year Inspired Nail Polish

I got the inspiration to do this post from The Beautified Blogger, so be sure to check out what her picks are – they are different from mine! This year Pantone came out with TWO colours, Serenity and Rose Quartz.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 12.08.21 PM
I’ll be honest, they remind of a baby nursery, but these colours are well loved by all, and easily workable into your everyday wardrobe! Here are MY picks for the nail polishes that I thought were SIMILAR to the two colours. Continue reading →